Andrea Ferrari – The pictures included in this envelope

Planar is pleased to present The picture included in this envelope, the last publication by Andrea Ferrari. The author will talk with Francesca Seravalle, curator and researcher.

The pictures included in this envelope is Andrea Ferrari’s first major publication. Shortlisted in 2013 for the European Publisher Award and later for the Kassel Dummy Award, the book is now being published by Kerher Verlag. The Book is accompanied by Essays by Quentin Bajac and Laura Gasparini. The work is a visual investigation of a series of objects, photographs and memorabilia found in the house of an unknown Milanese chemist. The collection and the biographical notes of Giulia C., the enigmatic figure at the origin of this work, allow Andrea Ferrari to ponder the topic of a visual alphabet.

Combining documentaries and rearrangements, the photographic quest turns the assumed physical space of Giulia C.’s house into a mental one. As the author tells us, “… through collecting, objects gain a sort of camouflage and acquire an aura of enigma. Hidden meanings gain the upper hand over the actual objects. The collection of signs replaces things (…) and the collection of daily objects, by somehow acquiring invisibility, becomes the ideal ground for an archaeology of forms”.

Notes to Editors
Andrea Ferrari (born 1970) lives in Milan, where he graduated in philosophy. He is a self-taught photographer and contemporary artist. He explores photography predominantly as a reflective practice of a system of signs, looking at the relationship between writing, image and object. Over the past few years, Andrea Ferrari has primarily concentrated on three bodies of work, each of which has continued to develop over time: Wild Window – The pictures included in this envelope – Untitled Paper.
The New York Times (may 2014) defined Wild Window (solo exhibition at Fotografia Europea 2014) as one of the most compelling work of the year.

September 26th 7.30 pm

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