Special weekend at Planar!

After the summer break Planar is proud to reopen to the public with two events dedicated to the photographic image. An exhibition and a talk that both take as on an investigation about archival materials, and then open fascinating insights and reflections on contemporary photography.

The exhibition of Francesca Seravalle – an extraordinary research “about first photos” for the first time in Italy – will take place between urban spaces around Planar and the roof garden. In a guided tour the curator will lead the audience to reflect on the power of “the first photographic images” on a path that starts from the first daguerreotypes to digital age.

The next day the curator Francesca Seravalle will face Andrea Ferrari – photographer with philosophical background – on his latest publishing project “The pictures included in this envelope” (published by Kerher Verlag ) who experiences the use of a private archive for creating a project at the same time with deep artistic value and great theoretical research.

After the talk, the evening will continue on the roof terrace of Planar.

Two days not to be missed to meet our guests for the first time in Bari and learn about their projects.