The Third Island Exhibition

OIGO International Observatory of Major Works is pleased to present: The Third Island.

The Third Island starts as documentary research project developed in partnership with IRA-C and Parasite2.0. It has been exhibited for the first time in the central section ‘Monditalia – XIV International Architecture Exhibition – Venice Biennale’, in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the initial building of the A3 Salerno-Reggio motorway section, the final part of the European road E45; and the 20th anniversary of the opening of the port of Gioia Tauro. Between October 2014 and May 2015 was carried out in Reggio Calabria a festival of in-depth analysis and education, through multidisciplinary activities involving politics, geopolitics, economics, architecture and cities.

The Festival ended with an impressive photographic campaign that went through the whole territory of the region. The photographic campaign has involved 11 photographers working with journalists , activists , local entrepreneurs. For one year they took turns. They have crossed the whole Calabrian territory, collecting and producing images from stories and landscapes.

The exhibition shows an extract of the visual research produced through the photographic campaign developed by the Observatory.

The exhibition works on two levels. An horizontal level follows the narrative approach and structure of the book. The images will scroll on two different tracks, two different time levels. The viewer can interact with the project and the images, guiding his reading through original images, archive material and text. The second level is the wall exhibition, that constitutes the turning points within the linearity of the story.

During the exhibition will be distributed the book
OIGO. N1 The Third Island,
published by Planar Books.

The book brings together the complete results of the first year of activity of the Observatory. Its interdisciplinary nature makes this work a very rare and valuable hybrid, able to communicate with the world of art, technology, politics and civil society.


The Third Island
curated by
Antonio Ottomanelli

Andrea Botto
Gaia Cambiaggi
Marco Introini
Allegra Martin
Maurizio Montagna
Martin Errichiello + Filippo Menichetti (PanAut Collective)
Armando Perna
Filippo Romano
Marcello Ruvidotti
Francesco Stelitano
Giulia Ticozzi

The Third island
is realised thanks to the support of
Contship Italia Group

WIllis Italia SpA

in collaboration with
Triennale di Milano

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Triennale di Milano – Illy Art Lab