Private freedom, public safety and contemporary photography

The exhibition is composed by a selection of the NOTAV movement photographic archive collated  during the last twenty years. Pictures made by the local population of Val Susa, visiting photographers and tourist who came to see the advancement of the construction site.
The purpose of these photographs is to document the presence of men and machine involved, the deployment of security, the enlargement of the constructions and the consequential expropriation of privately owned land. A body of work without author, or with many authors, an entire population. These archive form the backdrop to reflect on multiple aspect of contemporary photographic practice and its relations between private freedom and public safety. Alongside the archive the exhibition propose a project by photographer Marcello Ruvidotti. The young author exhibits here a five years photographic project about the development of the physical and cultural landscape of Val Susa. This project gives us a completely different point of view about the development of the TAV. Moreover it gives us the prompt to discuss the role of photographer as author today.  A series of document where our scientific committee express their personal point of view enrich the exhibition.