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N°1 The Third Island

Calabria is a land historically linked to disaster, instability, conflict, riot, migration, Calabria runs out in all this imagery, which still affects even his present history and its collective perception so much that makes it difficult to change its condition introducing new and unexpected elements. It’s hard talk about Calabria differently from a lost territory. It’s hard not to use words which mix up fatalism and disappointment with the failure of the perspectives of emancipation that has infected the spirit and the collective imagination of an entire area: a territory transformed by a neverending conflict, a cultural and physical landscape now so coinciding with the traumatic dimension of its condition, that has become an integral part of it. Hence derives the idea that this war and its traumas do not belong to us, and for that we hardly consider them part of a national and EU problem. This problem is expression of a global, contemporary and permanent reality which involves all the democratic oecumene. Complacent we sent away from us, into the dephts of that region, the evidence and the judgment of a widespread inability to listening. We try to avert this forgetfulness, dehumanization of reality, denying this landscape every chance to redeem itself in favour of the privilege of others.

This project doesn’t focuses on the authorship, it puts first the dialogue between the individual surveys, the visual experiences and the research which gave rise to them. This work, avoids an extraordinary position by virtue of a choral work, to give back an uncertain and kaleidoscopic definition of the subject.. It is composed of eleven essays written by intellectuals and international professionals, chosen for the reciprocity of their research regarding the topic investigated by us as well as for the exceptional nature of the goals they lay down in the international debate.

N°1 The Third Island

curated by

Antonio Ottomanelli

Photographs | Fotografie

Andrea Botto, Gaia Cambiaggi, Marco Introini, Allegra Martin, Maurizio Montagna, Antonio Ottomanelli, Martin Errichiello + Filippo Menichetti (PanAut Collective), Armando Perna, Filippo Romano, Marcello Ruvidotti, Francesco Stelitano, Giulia Ticozzi

Scritti | Texts ( Ita + Eng )

Ottavio Amaro, Michele Albanese, Don Pino De Masi, Salvatore Peluso (IRA-C), Marina Tornatora

Definizioni del dizionario | Dictionary definition (Ita + Eng)

Lorenza Baroncelli, Teddy Cruz, Domenico Di Siena, Marco Ferrari, Forensic Oceanography, Inteligencias Colectivas, Malkit Shoshan, Small, Pelin Tan, Paolo Verri

240 pages. 19,7×28 closed, 39,4×28 opened. Poster cover 80×52.

Infograph poster 17×24 closed, 68×48 opened.

Booklet analogical dictionary, 42 pages, 12×16,6 closed 24×16,6 opened.

Distribuzione | Distribution:

Catania – Ritmo
Bari – Planar
Roma – Giufà Libreria Caffe’
Reggio Emilia – I Libri Risorti
Bologna – Libreria modo infoshop
Firenze – Libreria Brac
Torino – Libreria OOLP, Camera Corraini
Milano – MiCamera photography and lens-based arts, Gogol & Company