Alessia Bernardini – Becoming Simone e altre storie

April 17th 

Planar, in a public talk with the author, present Becoming Simone, an outstanding photobook by Alessia Bernardini.
Becoming Simone tells the true story of a man who lived in a woman body until the age of 51. A story fulfilled with memories, courage, discomfort, dreams and life expectations. The book was shortlisted for the Dummy Awards at Photobookfestival Kassel and winner of Self Publish Riga 2014 Award.
About the book the author said, “This body of work, started in 2010, grow step by step troughs interviews, the collection of private photographs and new ones. In book form it found its final form. Personally, thinking a project in book form give me the possibilities to ad different level of narrations and ways to experience a story. I choose to self publish my work, a really nice and exhausting experience, but that I would do again. To do this is like if I become a small publishing house, but this is a story in becoming.”

 Trough the presentation of Becoming Simone the talk will touch the subjects of self-publishing, personal research, narration in book form and self-promotion.

 At the end of the talk the author will be available for book signing of the presented book that will be available at Planar’s bookshop.

The book was printed between April and May 2014 in at Fontegrafica(fontegrafica.it) in 250 copies with a special limited edition of 30.
The book was exhibited at Modalità d’uso for Palinsesti in Udine, at BIOGRAPHIE III-Photogalerie in Vienna and Italian Happening- Salon für Kunstbuch always in Vienna, among other venues.
It is part of the permanent collection of Zine of The Zone and is part of the exhibition TIP(the Italian Photobook) curated by MICAMERA.