A Brand new publishing house: 
Planar Books

Planar Books is the publishing house founded and produced by Planar, Center for photography, design and visual arts based in Bari.

Planar Books promotes artistic and photographic researches with a cross – disciplinary approach in particular it’s fucused on the relationships between landscape, authorities, technological evolution and daily life. It produces books in Italian, English and Arabic and it is distributed in Italy, Europe, Middle East and US.

Planar is pleased to invite you to the events celebrating the birth of the publishing house.
On 5 March at 20.00, at Planar, will be presented the first volume of the OIGO series entitled The Third Island .

Oigo, International Observatory of Major Works, is the first series of books produced by Planar Books.
On this occasion, all the authors of the book will be in Bari for three days of activities and celebration.

There are three different type of activities.

INSTANT BARI it’s a workshop dedicated to the city of Bari. The authors of The Third Island will cross the city with local guides who will follow them during the excursions; they will guide them discussing with them issues , places , stories and photographing together.

The other activities include lecture and wall video show curated by the authors of The Third Island.

Download here the activities Agenda