Elisa Medde – FOAM Magazine

Elisa Medde is the managing editor of Foam International Photography Magazine. She selects as part of the editorial team the work presented in Foam Magazine. She researches for upcoming issues, chooses the contributing writers and keeps an eye on the final editing.

After studying History of Art, with majors in Iconology, History of Contemporary Art and History of Photography with Marina Miraglia at La Sapienza University in Rome, Elisa worked for various cultural institutions, publishing houses and non profit organizations as project and research coordinator as well as independent curator. Her academic research reflects on the relations between images and power, particularly in the context of contemporary photography.


Planar invites four international examples of cultural management, to present complex and innovative models in the field of visual art, publishing, education and cultural tourism. Through meetings and workshops we will talk about: planning models, networking, fundraising, cultural organization and curatorial strategies. Through a proactive and participative methodology we aim to build a dynamic and practical dialogue with local active stakeholders, associations, joung managers and professionals. The idea is to give to the local creative energies the concrete instruments to build new projects and start new local and international exchanges.

The selected guests will represent institutions which are able to create a system of cultural activities and strategies for economical sustainability.

They develop an high level of curatorial and managerial expertises in different fedls: publishing, photography, education, events; and they produce different cultural format: festivals, workshops etc… We will talk about “sustainable systems”, and about how these institutions has been able to achieve an high level of research opening it to a new public.

We will examine the details of these experiences from the birth of each project, analyzing the contests and the models with the aim of offering the participants competences and experts advices for future researches and partnership on the territory.

Every guest will study a site specific model of presentation, referred to stakeholders and local institutions.

Each presentation will be articulated in 3 parts:

• A workshop/roundtable with the members of Planar, local stakeholders and cultural institutions.

• Exhibition opening where the professionals invited will present their work to the public.

• A free public lecture open to the public.