• 07 Elisa Laraia, The Future of the Country, 2010 DSCF6492

    A cielo aperto at Planar Gallery

    Planar Gallery is proud to present A cielo aperto. Pratiche di collaborazione nell’arte contemporanea a Latronico. It is a project and a book curated by Bianco-Valente and Pasquale Campanella. Planar Gallery C.so Sonnino 119/A starting from 18.30 A Cielo Aperto is an indipendent and self-financed initiative started in Latronico (Basilicata) in 2005 by Vincenzo De […]
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  • Cover_Alessandro_Rizzi

    Sculptures by Alessandro Rizzi, Launch Book

    Sculptures by Alessandro Rizzi is a book whose photographs were shot over the timespan of a few hours in Washington D.C. on December 14, 2014, and more precisely, during the civil rights protests that took place in the capital after the fatal shooting and civil unrest originating in Ferguson. Rizzi gives back a sharp and paradigmatic work […]
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  • Pelagica_cover

    Pelagica – a talk with Fabrizio Vatieri and Laura Lecce

    Planar is pleased to host Pelagica, a curatorial and research project on the Mediterranean scenario, run by Laura Lecce and Fabrizio Vatieri. Its fundamental tool of investigation is the practice of art itself. Pelagica embarks on an exploration and therefore a reading of the Mediterranean area, through the art projects with which it interacts. Pelagica has its headquarters […]
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  • Cover_Aliqual

    Aliqual by Massimo Mastrorillo/DOOR

    Happy hour, talk and book signing. Curated by Valentina Isceri and Valentina Trisolino (Kult – Culture Visive) in collaboration with Planar. ALIQUAL is a book and photographic project by Massimo Mastrorillo on the earthquake in L’Aquila in 2009. The book is published by Skinnerbooxs. Aliqual is a documentary photobook. But not only. Aliqual is my story […]
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  • Cover_Andrea_Ferrari

    Andrea Ferrari – The pictures included in this envelope

    Planar is pleased to present The picture included in this envelope, the last publication by Andrea Ferrari. The author will talk with Francesca Seravalle, curator and researcher. The pictures included in this envelope is Andrea Ferrari’s first major publication. Shortlisted in 2013 for the European Publisher Award and later for the Kassel Dummy Award, the […]
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  • Giovanna_Silva

    Giovanna Silva – Travelling Photography

    Planar is pleased to host a public talk with Giovanna Silva, member of our Scientific Committee. One of the most interesting figure in the field of contemporary European photography and art.Giovanna Silva’s research activity aim to test the limits of freedom of movement. Her travels are a path to re-design the physical and cultural boundaries […]
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  • Andreoni_talk

    Luca Andreoni – The reverse projection

    Photography originates from the perspective machine and retains its mechanical structure. However, the images produced are the result of a relationship between the world and the observer, which is accomplished in the darkness of the camera obscura. That’s why photographs, unlike the instrument that produces them, are ambiguous images, a product of a meeting and […]
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  • Ibidem

    Giovanni del Brenna – Ibidem

    Ibidem is a project about globalization, about the lack and the loss of roots, about the mutation of cities. I started this project in New York in 2002 after realizing that the pictures I took at the time could have been shot in some of the other cities I had lived in. Back to Milan […]
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  • Metronom

    Alberto Sinigaglia, Marcella Manni – Big Sky Hunting

    Talk with Alberto Sinigaglia and Marcella Manni (Galleria Metronom). Big Sky Hunting, the debut volume by the Italian photographer Alberto Sinigaglia, presents a voyage to the edge of representational space. ‘Hunting’ used not in the sense of the killing of animals by man, but as an expression of man’s dominance over this space: An expression of […]
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  • Becoming_Simone

    Alessia Bernardini – Becoming Simone e altre storie

    April 17th 
18:30-21:00 Planar, in a public talk with the author, present Becoming Simone, an outstanding photobook by Alessia Bernardini. Becoming Simone tells the true story of a man who lived in a woman body until the age of 51. A story fulfilled with memories, courage, discomfort, dreams and life expectations. The book was shortlisted for […]
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  • Rinaldo

    Arianna Rinaldo – Cortona On The Move

    Arianna Rinaldo talk about her professional experience: from the archive to festival organization. Arianna Rinaldo is a freelance professional working with photography at a wide range. She is the director of OjodePez magazine, the documentary photography quarterly published by LaFabrica, Madrid. Arianna’s relationship with photography started in 1998 in New York, as Archive Director at […]
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